Welcome to the Laboratory of Cellular Communication, a highly dynamic group working on a variety of topics in the area of cell biology and signal transduction, predominantly in eukaryotic cells, important for human pathologies like cancer and also in neuronal regeneration.

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April 12, 2017 |

Outcome of the Allende Connelly’s Foundation contest “Award to Excellence in the PhD Theses in the field of Biological Sciences at the University of Chile”

Letter from Dr. Jorge Allende, President of the Allende Connelly Foundation, congratulating to Dr. Natalia Díaz Valdivia for her doctoral thesis and inviting her to an Awards Ceremony to give her an Honorable Mention for her magnificent work…

March 13, 2017 |

Scientists develop treatment that prevents cancer recurrence

Nanoemulsion made from curcumin, a plant from India, also prevents metastasis when applied to patients after tumor removal surgeries…

September 30, 2016 |

XXXIX Chile’s Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Society Annual Meeting

Between September 27th and 30th at 2016, was carry out the XXXIX Chile’s Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Society Annual Meeting at the Patagonian Hotel in the city of Puerto Varas, which was attended by scientists from all over Chile. On this occasion, Dr. Lisette Leyton, associate researcher at the Advanced Center for Chronic Diseases, ACCDiS, was in charge of organizing the Symposium “Effect of force in biology: from enzymes to signaling in the cell”…

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