Andrew Quest work since 2010


  • March 13th 2017 – Scientists develop treatment that prevents cancer recurrence – Web page “Las Ultimas Noticias”, The day Link


  • September 25th 2016 – Deaths from colon, lung and pancreatic cancer are the fastest growing in 15 years – Web page “La Tercera”, Trends Link
  • August 11th 2016 – Hypothesis by French and Australian researchers: “Evolution could explain why cancer attacks more to certain organs”.  – Web page “El Mercurio”, section Life Science and Technology Link
  • March 11th 2016 – Conference of Dr. Andrew Quest at the Faculty of Biological Sciences, University of Concepcion – University of Concepcion website Link
  • January 23th 2016 – Interview with Dr. Andrew Quest about the crisis in Conicyt. Program: Word that is news – Future Radio Audio
  • January 15th 2016 – “USA launches its biggest attack against cancer” – Web page “La Tercera”, Trends Link


  • November 19th 2015 – Interview with Dr. Andrew Quest about the Nemesis Ring project. Topic: The crisis of science in Chile – Duna Radio Audio
  • November 11th 2015 – Andrew Quest, director of Nemesis Ring: “Science and technology are not a priority for this government” – Web page “El Mostrador” Link
  • November 9th 2015 – “Funds for biomedical research are finishing” – Web page “La Tercera”, Trends Link
  • October 9th 2015 – “Nano Illuminated”, related to work with JM Perez / V Diaz on quantum dots – “Que Pasa” Magazine, web publication Link
  • August 19th 2015 – Nanomedicine for early detection of risky agents – Health Portfolio Magazine, Financial News, page 23 Link
  • July 26th 2015 – The therapeutic power of the baths of wine relaxes some, but not convince others – Web page “El Mercurio”, section Life Science and Technology Link
  • June 27th 2015 – Scientific research: scientist test new drugs to fight melanoma and avoid metastasis – El Mercurio Valparaíso Journal, Special Edition Science and Technology Link
  • June 5th 2015 – New research on bacteria Helicobacter pylori and gastric cancer – Web page “El Mercurio”, Edición Impresa  Link
  • June 4th 2015 – Micronutrient Information Center: site to prevent chronic diseases – Web page Link
  • January 27th 2015 – Ultrasensitive method will detect gastric cancer early – Web page “El Mostrador” – Vida en línea Link


  • November 26th 2014 – Factor that promotes cancer cell growth was discovered – Web page Infocyt Link
  • November 22th 2014 – Chilean scientists make important findings in the fight against cancer – Web page 24 horas Link
  • November 17th 2014 – Tumors growth – Web page Arica Hoy Link
  • September 12th 2014 – Scientific of the University of Chile receives distinction in Spain by findings on cancer – Web page Link
  • September 10th 2014 – Scientific distinguish a Chilean in Spain – Web page – Vida y Estilo Link
  • July 8th 2014 – Website helps prevent nutritional diseases – Web page – Vida y Estilo Link
  • June 27th 2014 – As influences nutrition in chronic diseases – Channel 24 Video
  • June 25th 2014 – English Cardiologist recommend Chilean wine to take care of the heart – “El Mercurio” page A-11, section Life Science and Technology  Link


  • May 2013 – Important advances in melanoma research – La Segunda online, Link
  • June 2013 – Important advances in melanoma research – Los Andes al dia Link
  • June 2013 – Advances in melanoma research – Los Andes online Link
  • July 2013 – Interview (approx. 45 min) with Lorena Lobos in the program “Conectados” of TV Chile Internacional where they discussed the topic “cancer and melanoma” Video Link
  • July 2013 – article in Faculty journal “El pulso” entitled “Chilean Cell Biology Society awards prize PhD student Jorge Diaz” Link 1, Link 2
  • August 25th, 2013 – article in “El Mercurio” entitled “Chilean research offers hope in the fight against cancer” Link
  • August 24th, 2013 – comment in “El Mercurio” entitled “How will the man after man??” Link
  • November, 2013 – MEDICINAL INVESTIGATE TO PREVENT GASTRIC CANCER: Publication la Tercera pp38, AricaHoy Link


  • June 10th, 2012. Interview of Gonzalo Fernandez in CNN – cancer in Chile. Link
  • December, 2012 – Small annotation to publication in PLoS One on the role of Caveolin-1 in migration of metastatic cells – El Pulso, Facultad de Medicina.


  • Articles published related to Gastric Cancer Symposium in the Annual meeting of the Cell Biology Society 2011 in Pto Varas.
  • “Eminences of gastric cancer seek solutions in the area” Diario El Llanquihue Puerto Montt, page 6
  • “More than 40 scientists from Chile and the world congress expondran in Puerto Varas” Publishing we got on Saturday 29 October, in newspaper El Heraldo de Puerto Varas Austral.


  • Brief note highlighting the presentations of the last day of the XIX Latin American Congress of Clinical Biochemistry, La Nación, Life Today – Thursday 22 April, 2010.
  • Scientist of the U. of Chile exposes in Clinical Biochemistry Congress, El Mercurio, Business Life – page B13 Friday May 14, 2010.
  • Article published by Directmed, related to incidence of gastric cancer in Chile – 18th June 2010.  Link
  • Article published by AricaHoy, related to incidence of gastric cancer in Chile – 21st June 2010. Link
  • Article published by LaSegunda Internet, related to incidence of gastric cancer in Chile – 21st June 2010. Link
  • Article published by Noticias Web, related to incidence of gastric cancer in Chile – 21st June 2010. Link
  • Article published by Diario Financiero, pp20 related to general discussion of cancer in Chile – 29th June 2010. Section Salud y Bienestar: NUEVO ENFOQUE TERAPEUTICO INCREMENTA OPTIMISMO EN LA LUCHA CONTRA EL CANCER.
  • Article published in “La Nacion” related to achivements of CEMC in the formation of students -supplement “Salud a Fondo” pp1-3, in the issue Sept. 29, 2010: “Centro de Estudios Moleculares de laa Celula – Cuna de Cientificos Chilenos” Link
  • Same articule was also published in the website of La Tercera: Link
  • Same articule was also published in the international news website: BUREAU DE PRENSA,NOTICIAS GLOBALES