Post-Doctoral Fellows

Alejandra Sandoval Bórquez

Profession: Medical Technologist with major in Clinical Laboratory, Hematology and Blood Bank
Academic Degree: MSc’s and PhD in Applied Cellular and Molecular Biology,
University of La Frontera.
Sponsor: Quest Andrew, PhD.
Co-Sponsor: Lavandero Sergio, PhD.

Jorge Esteban Díaz Fuentes

Profession: Biologist
Academic Degree: PhD in Biochemistry, University of Chile
Sponsor: Leyton Lisette, PhD.

Layla Yamila Simón

Profession: Biochemist, Juan Agustín Maza University.
Academic Degree: PhD in Biological Sciences, National University of Cordoba.
Sponsor: Quest Andrew, PhD.

América Campos González

Profession: Biochemist, Andres Bello National University
Academic Degree: MSc in Biochemistry; PhD in Biochemistry, University of Chile
Sponsor: Quest Andrew, PhD.

Leonardo Pérez 

Profession: Kinesiologist specializing in function and dysfunction ventilatory
Program: PhD in Biomedical Sciences
Sponsor: Leyton Lisette, PhD.

Ricardo Huilcamán 

Profession: Medical Technologist
Program: PhD in Biomedical Sciences
Sponsors: Quest Andrew, PhD. Leyton Lisette, PhD.

Karen Liceth Bolaños Jiménez

Profession: Chemist
Program: Ph.D. in Molecular Physical Chemistry, Universidad Andrés Bello
Sponsor: Quest Andrew, PhD.
Co-Sponsor: Kogan Marcelo, PhD.

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