Dr. Andrew Quest is ranked #7 in Chile among Top Scientists for 2024


Congratulations to Dr. Andrew Quest and for all his past and present team!

He is #7 in Chile and #10337 in the world Ranking of Best Scientists in the field of Biology and Biochemistry, 2024 Edition, which has just released by Research.com, one of the major websites that offers credible data on scientific contributions since 2014.

The full world ranking of scientists in the area of Biology and Biochemistry is at:
World Top Biology and Biochemistry Scientists in 2024
The entire ranking for Chile is at:
Top Biology and Biochemistry Scientists in Chile

The ranking is based on the H-index metric provided by Microsoft Academic and includes only leading scientists with an H-index of at least 40 for scientific papers published in the field of Biology and Biochemistry.

«This achievement is due to the efforts of the entire group over many years!, says Dr. Quest.»

In addition, Dr. Quest has also been recognized with our Biology and Biochemistry Leader Award for 2024.