Dr. Lisette Leyton’ Speed Talks Sessions at the 47th FEBS CONGRESS


47th FEBS Congress (‘FEBS 2023’)

Tours, France from 8 to 12 July 2023

The annual FEBS Congress is one of the most visible activities of FEBS. As one of the largest bio-congresses in Europe, attracting up to ~2000 attendees, the Congress provides a platform for international scientific exchange and showcases the newest developments in biochemistry, molecular biology and related areas. The Congress comprises inspiring plenary lectures presented by outstanding scientists, a range of subject-specific symposia to provide deeper dives into different areas of bioscience research, extensive poster communications, and interesting workshops and other activities on related topics. It is also a celebration of achievements, with several FEBS medals and prizes awarded. FEBS Congresses are a collaboration between FEBS and one or more of its Constituent Societies, moving to a different location within the FEBS area each year.

This year, Dr. Lisette Leyton was convocated to participate in the SPEED TALKS SESSIONS, with her speach «Nanoscale outer membrane vesicles from Helicobacter pylori alter astrocyte functionality inducing neuronal degeneration»